Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

In this department, it is proposed that issues related with morphological, chemical, and biological properties along with history, cultivation, collection, extraction, isolation, bioassaying, quality control, and preparation of crude drugs of natural origin shall be taken up by addressing mainly quality related issues using routine botanical and organo-leptic parameters of crude drugs and chemoprofiling assisted characterization with chromatographic and spectro-scopic techniques. We will also venture upon new pharmacognosy which includes all the aspects of drug development and discovery, where Biotechnology driven technologies shall play an important role. Focus shall also be on chemotype-driven fingerprinting techniques by integrating genotype-driven molecular techniques.

Use of indigenous drugs for plant origin shall form a major part of complementary and alternative medicine/traditional medicine devising techniques. India has a great wealth of traditional knowledge wisdom and Uttarakhand leads in this arena. This department shall play a meaningful role in devising scientifically validated and technologically standardized herbal medicines by using the safe path of reverse pharmacology approach based on traditional knowledge database. Herbal medicinal products may vary in composition and properties, unlike conventional pharmaceutical products, which are usually prepared from synthetic chemically pure materials by means of reproducible manufacturing techniques and procedures and as such the correct identification and quality assurance of the starting material has to be ensured.

Other issues which are likely to be undertaken are-
Pharmacognostic studies of alkaloids in the crude drugs found in Uttarakhand, Plant issue culture technology and applications in pharmacy, standardization and quality control of herbal drugs, adulteration of crude drugs and their detection, Classification and application of different chromatographic methods in the evolution, etc. to mention only a few.